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Entry #2

Fuck you, kidray76.

2008-02-29 15:35:55 by Shipp

Once upon a time, I was review banned for two days, for the following review.

Overall Score: 0 / 10
Summary: Looks good.
Review: It was the exact same thing as the original, and that's what made it great. in some places it was actually better than the original, such as the way when the cat flew out of the ground like a rocket. It looked more 3D in this version. Good job. I'm gonna have to fav this.

Now, I did fav this Flash. I did rate 10 on all the categories(when they existed.), and I did vote 5 on the Flash. I said nothing negative in the review, but I was banned. Why?

"The moderator kidray76 gave the following reason for the ban:

"Scores should reflect ratings. If you like it so much, why overall 0?""

That's why. Because I accidentally missed the overall score. All the kidray76 would've had to do is check the favorites to realize I slipped up on the Overall Score, which in no way lowers the submission's actual voted score. I was afraid to write a review and vote on anything for a long time because of that. I thought I just encountered an asshole mod. But I hear Newgrounds mods are known for being complete and total dicks.


When is Super Mario Bros Z ep.7 going to come out?


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2008-02-29 16:12:35

I never really got into the whole, "Hating on kidray76" fad.

I got into the hating BBS mods fad.

Shipp responds:

O: Hating on kidray76 is a fad? So a famous mod banned me? FUCK YEAH.


2008-02-29 16:58:22

The overall review score effects the flash's total review score though. It's probably unfair to ban you if you wrote that in the time before the no stars button was implemented but if you wrote it afterwards you deserve it.

Shipp responds:

All of this happened Loong before the No Stars button was implemented.